– ‘How Long ‘Til Black history Month’, by N.K. Jemisin
– ‘Nabokov’s Favourite Word is Mauve’, by Ben Blatt
– ‘The Secret History’, by Donna Tartt
– ‘The Little Book of History’, by D.K Publishing
– ‘Peach’, by Emma Glass
– ‘The Little Book of Psychology’, by D.K Publishing
– ‘Weird Lies’, by Liars League, Archane Press
– ‘Elizabeth Is Missing’, by Emma Healey
– ‘The Classical Music Book’, by D.K Publishing
– ‘ The Frighteners’, by Peter Law
– ‘ My Sister the Serial Killer’, by Oyinkan Braithwaite
– ‘Achilles’, by Elizabeth Cook
– ‘Women Artists’, by Flavia Frigeri
– ‘If We Were Villans’, by M.L Rio
– ‘Night of Cake and Puppets’, by Laini Taylor
– ‘Odes and Epodes’, by Horace
– ‘Strange but true. The World’s Weirdest Newspaper Stories’, edited by Tim Healey
– ‘Modern Art’, by Amy Dempsey
– ‘Stranded in Sub-Atomica’, by Tim Turnbull
– ‘William Blake’, by Bethan Stevens
– ‘Mouthful of Birds’, by Samanta Schweblin

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