Learning is something that I have always loved. Nerdy yet true. But since finishing ‘formal education’ it feels as if it has disappeared somewhat from my life, and truth be told I miss it.

I miss following the threads of my curiosity, being fascinated by other people’s ideas, and discovering facts that are ridiculously cool, yet absolutely irrelevant to my career.

I do not miss however, tests, classrooms, anxiety attacks, or being made to feel guilty about spending time on things that are not ‘worthwhile to my future’.

So, bearing that in mind, I hope that this blog will be a way of encouraging myself to learn about the things I’m interested in, whether that be literature, well-being, music, cooking or art (sorry, that’s not currently an imaginative, or exciting, list, but it’s late and my brain is not working).

If there is anybody reading this, thank you for sharing this with me and apologies in advance for my overuse of commas and brackets.

Much love,


P.S: Despite being a 27 year old ‘adult’, I still haven’t gotten the hang of this online/social/internet stuff, so I guess that working out how to use WordPress is number one on the list of things to learn about…

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